“Judges – Enemies of the People?”

Whilst this question was debated in the context of Brexit and constitutional questions, fundamentally the question applies to how Judges deal with family law and related human rights matters.

In my personal and professional experience, most (but not all) Judges, assisted by incompetent and dishonest social workers, are all of the following:

  • Emotional rapists of vulnerable children
  • Defenders of dishonest and corrupt social workers
  • Oxford/Cambridge, white middle class males
  • Out of touch in their comfortable ivory towers, commanding 6 figure salaries and bountiful pension schemes, devoid of any moral or ethical values.


  • Limiting the admissibility or evaluation of crucial evidence;
  • Turning a blind eye to social workers who blatantly lie on oath;
  • Allowing local authorities who promise (and are obliged to provide) services to children and/or their parents to breach these families’ fundamental human rights;
  • Making draconian orders for safe parents to only have supervised contact with their children;
  • Never, or rarely, asking the question: what can be done to help this family or what can this con-demned parent do to be reunited with their children?
  • Interpreting legislation in a manner inconsistent with fundamental (European Court of Human Rights) principles
  • Managing cases in a way to suppress the truth and protect their interdepartmental colleagues.
  • Sweeping children’s trauma caused by the truly abusive parent or social worker under the carpet.

Not all Judges are corrupt and I applaud the efforts of those, to name a few, DJ Singleton, DJ Ellery, DJ Gibson and DDJ Hebblethwaite.

“His Honour” Judge Wildblood, “His Honour” Judge Ralton, DJ Webster, DJ Deborah Campbell and Mr “Justice” Foxton are self-serving, hypocritical judges who have excused or perpetrated all of the above behaviours, under the guise of “we have no jurisdiction” or the risible “This is an abuse of the court process” or “we found this social worker to be honest/credible” in direct conflict to what took place at trial, and epitomise all that is wrong with our broken justice (especially family) system.

The social workers they have exonerated are Lily Gale and Rowan Green, together with their management team, of Gloucestershire County Council, who have, only recently, raised their longstanding inadequate rating to “requires improvement to be good”.  Who really knows, of the sample of cases inspected by Ofsted, are truly representative of this slightly improved performance rating?

If your case features any of the above wrongdoings, please get in touch.  Together we can make a difference.