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Judges – Enemies of the People?

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Whilst this question was debated in the context of Brexit and constitutional questions, fundamentally the question applies to how Judges deal with family law and related human rights matters.In my personal and professional experience, most (but not all) Judges, assisted by incompetent and dishonest social workers, are all of the following: Emotional rapists of [...]

Phil H from North London

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Samantha Alderman acted as a Mackenzie Friend for me very recently for a court hearing between myself and my ex partner. I was looking for someone who was reasonably priced and who could assist me with regards a Non Molestation order made against me and residency order for my two children. Sam was extremely thorough [...]

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Family Law Services

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Family Law Advice & Help from a Professional McKenzie Friend We know just how difficult settling family affairs in the court can be; that’s why we try to make the process as simple and pain-free as possible here at SCFL. We provide a wide array of family law services from complex drafting and negotiation, to legal [...]

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