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Apart from the extent of qualifications, experience and no “rights of audience”, the difference between myself and a solicitor is the cost of the proceedings. Solicitors have expensive overheads and even to instruct them on a fairly straightforward matter can cost several hundred pounds or several thousand if contested court proceedings are necessary. A solicitor will often advise you at an early stage in your proceedings that your prospects of success are only 50/50 or sometimes less. As I work from home, I can usually achieve the same outcome as many solicitors, even for contested court proceedings, for less than £1,000.

I offer a free initial 15-minute telephone conversation to see if I can help you. Then I have two types of fee structures depending on the services you require.

Fixed Fees:

These fees are based on more straight-forward requirements where most items have been agreed with your ex-partner and you just need help to collate the required paperwork.

Hourly Rates:

Other work is charged for at an hourly rate and I will request payment of up to £160 for each 4 hour block of work I am instructed to do (reduced accordingly if your dispute is resolved after one telephone attendance/letter)

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Fixed Fees

  • Straightforward divorce (not including court fees, which are payable separately) – includes preparation of all paperwork from divorce petition to decree absolute) £60
  • Divorce where respondent won’t accept/acknowledge the proceedings £85
  • Prepare a Consent Order (for an agreed financial divorce settlement) and supporting paperwork £100 to £400 depending upon complexity
  • Prepare a separation agreement for a financial settlement £100 to £400 depending upon complexity
  • Prepare a Will: £50 – £150

Fixed Fees

  • Telephone attendances and correspondence/drafting per hour £40
  • Legal research per hour £40
  • Court preparation and attendance per hour £40
  • Mileage (time spent travelling) per hour £40
  • Petrol/parking as appropriate
  • Photocopying charges as appropriate

No VAT is payable on my fees

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Client Testimonials

“Samantha was a great help and got my consent order documents in order meticulously and worked very hard to get everything done. Highly recommended.”

Sagar S - Hornchurch

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