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June 2017 to August 2017

Wife and husband had separated four years ago and had unresolved financial issues between them.  I successfully helped the wife remain in her three bedroom home (occupied by herself and her daughter) and claim a financial contribution from the husband to the joint loan they had.

June 2017 to December 2017

Father applied for a child arrangements order for his 3 year old daughter to live with him.  There seemed to be a slight question mark over mother’s commitment to the child but in all other respects the case was finely balanced.  I attended each hearing and helped the father and his witnesses with their statements. There was no CAFCASS or social services involvement in this case.  At a final contested hearing it was ordered that the child should live with her father.  There was a separate issue between the parents over the daughter’s childcare provider and the father was successful in preserving the status quo of the child’s current nursery.


Father applied for an emergency prohibited steps order preventing Mother from changing the son’s school, and Child Arrangements Order to deal with contact and residence issues (Father had wanted contact every weekend and shared residence).

Mother cross-applied for a specific issue order and was ultimately successful at a final contested hearing in changing the son’s school, securing a fortnightly pattern of contact and resisting Father’s residence application.

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Mother applied for a residence order in respect of her son & daughter – both were living with mother but mother felt that the arrangements needed to be formalised. Mother also applied for a contact order as son was enjoying extensive contact but daughter was not having any and had been excluded from paternal family.

Contact arrangements in respect of the son broke down due to this divisive treatment. With the help of CAFCASS, mother successfully managed to work out a contact schedule to include both children and a residence order was ordered in mother’s favour.

A parental responsibility order was made by consent for the father in respect of the parties’ daughter, as he was not named on her birth certificate.


Unmarried parents owned a property together. Most of the deposit (70%) had been funded by the mother. Father had contributed 30%. The property was purchased in joint names however on a 50/50 basis. Mother tried to recoup her original deposit from the sale proceeds after separation and court proceedings were initiated under TOLATA and Schedule 1 financial Children Act proceedings). The parties eventually settled the dispute, before a fully contested court hearing, as to 58/42 in mother’s favour, which, based on the figures involved, meant that mother was £15,000 better off, even after legal costs. Potentially, she could have got more if she persevered with the court proceedings but ultimately decided it was easier to settle.

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“Samantha was a great help and got my consent order documents in order meticulously and worked very hard to get everything done. Highly recommended.”

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